Travel Currency

How the EasyFX Prepaid Currency Card compares to the Banks

Many people are still using their bank debit card abroad, often incurring unnecessarily high charges, and getting poor High Street Exchange Rates when buying Holiday money or on business travel.

Bank charges whilst abroad can cost you as much as 10% in fees; combining poor exchange rates with transaction fees, ATM charges, and in some cases additional handling charges.

Using Your Bank Debit Card Abroad

When you use your bank debit card abroad, High St. Banks typically mark up their currency between 3% and 6%. In addition, most banks will also charge a transaction fee (Lloyds Bank charge a 2.99% fee for example). You are also often charged ATM withdrawal fees on top of getting poor exchange rates. This can mean that for every £100 you withdraw or spend, you could end up with having only £90 in currency value.

EasyFX Prepaid Currency Card

EasyFX offer currency at a very low mark up of 2.2%, with no additional fees or charges. That’s means No Management fees, Free ATM withdrawals, No Transaction Fees or Purchase Fees when abroad.

Prepaid Currency Cards such as EasyFX, provide customers with some of the best Travel Currency exchange rates on the market, whilst also providing a no fee service for ATM withdrawals and transactions.

At EasyFX, we specialise in currency. We handle many millions each day, and as such can provide you with the best exchange rates for your Holiday money.

Here is how EasyFX compares to the Banks when spending on holiday*:

*Data correct as of December 2019