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The smart traveller’s choice for taking money abroad.

Looking for an easy way to spend money abroad?

You’ve found it.


Get additional cards

Give additional cards to family members or colleagues using the same account.


Zero fees

Enjoy making purchases, withdrawing cash and making transfers, all with no international fees.


Manage your funds

Use our simple app to manage your balance and view transactions, 24/7, from any device.


Top up and go

Top up your card with several currencies at the same time, and use it at over 35 million locations.

Spend like a local

Use this foreign currency card to spend money anywhere in the world. You’ll enjoy free transactions, free ATM withdrawals and free international transfers wherever you go.

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Get smarter exchange rates

Enjoy highly competitive exchange rates. Avoid the markup that usually comes with foreign exchange products.

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Manage your funds on the go

Top up your account with 14+ foreign currencies at the same time. Manage your balance in real-time with the EasyFX app.

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Your account in three easy steps

sign up

Sign up

Fill out your details here on the website.

top up

Top up

Top up your EasyFX account using the app.

save money

Save money

Use your EasyFX card just like your usual credit card.

Need a premium solution?

Welcome to VFX Financial

Enhanced capabilities such as orders and forwards are ideal for users with more sophisticated needs.

Advanced trading options mean you can trade a wider range of currencies, at any time.

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Manage your travel money on the go.