EasyFX for Business

The smart traveller’s choice for doing business abroad

Our corporate prepaid currency card gives you the following great benefits:

Enjoy zero fees on purchases, ATM withdrawals and transfers

Store multiple currencies on one card

Manage your funds in real-time, from any device

Give an unlimited number of additional cards to co-workers

Spend less on business trips

Use this foreign currency card to spend money anywhere in the world. You’ll enjoy free transactions, free ATM withdrawals and free international transfers wherever you go.

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Secure management

Enjoy centralized control over all cards on your account. Block your cards if lost or stolen with the touch of a button, 24/7.

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Outstanding flexibility

Use our cards at over 35 million locations worldwide, over 2 million ATMs and most online merchants. Top up with multiple currencies at the same time.

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Need a premium solution?

Welcome to VFX Financial

Enhanced capabilities such as orders and forwards are ideal for users with more sophisticated needs.

Advanced trading options mean you can trade a wider range of currencies, at any time.

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