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Get excellent exchange rates.

Our EasyFX Pro tools can help you get excellent exchange rates when you need them most. Enhanced capabilities such as orders and forwards are ideal for users with more sophisticated needs.

With EasyFX Pro, you can do a lot more than just purchase currency:

Simplify your transactions and cut out costly bank charges

Avoid the risks of exchange rate fluctuations

Lock in great exchange rates, whether it’s for business or personal interests

Here are the capabilities you’ll get with EasyFX Pro:


Our orders function lets you set the rate at which you’d like to exchange your currency.

We’ll monitor the market for you and, if that rate can be achieved, we’ll purchase the currency on your behalf. Then, we’ll let you know the due date for payment. This service is ideal for higher value transactions, where a small movement in the exchange rate could have big consequences.


Our forwards service lets you lock in today’s exchange rate for the future.

When the time comes, we can supply the currency at your chosen rate, no matter how much the exchange rate has moved in the meantime. This allows you to plan ahead, and to avoid the risk that often comes with currency exchange. It gives you the assurance you need in an often unpredictable market.


Advanced trading options mean you can trade a wider range of currencies, at any time of the day or night.

Choose from up to 100 different currency pairs (as opposed to just 14 with our standard mode). This option is ideal for multi-stop trips, or for businesses whose needs change over time.

EasyFX Pro for business

EasyFX Pro for business users has all of these additional features, plus:

Unlimited currency cards

With your business account, you can order an unlimited number of additional currency cards for employees and colleagues, as opposed to just 3 additional cards with our basic account. This makes it easy for you to manage your company’s spending abroad.


Pay employees and suppliers based in different countries, without the international fees.

EasyFX Pro makes this easier by giving you the option to add beneficiaries to our paylist tool. This allows you to save their payment details for the next time you make a payment to them. Using our service for regular payments means you can avoid unnecessary bank charges and, in the process, save more money.