The smart traveller’s choice


Spend less on overseas trips

Bring home souvenirs, not bank charges. Use your EasyFX card instead of your normal credit card to avoid international fees. Enjoy free purchases, free ATM withdrawals and free international transfers, wherever you go.

Travel money, made easy

Use your card wherever Mastercard is accepted, including 35 million locations worldwide, over 2 million ATMs and most online merchants. Top up your card with multiple currencies at the same time, and give additional users their own cards.

Security when you need it

A safer and easier way to take currency abroad. Your EasyFX card comes with chip and PIN technology. Card lost or stolen? Block it instantly with touch of a button. For added security, you can also suspend your card when you aren't using it, for example between trips, or when travelling to high risk regions.

Main Fees

First card order minimum deposit
Purchase transactions
ATM cash withdrawals
Annual management
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