Holiday money

All you need to know about your

holiday money

We take a look at the pitfalls of spending whilst on holiday, and how to avoid them.

Going on holiday is for many people, the highlight of their year. A large percentage of holidaymakers book their flights and hotel months in advance to ensure the best deals.

You’ve got your flight, hotel and hire car arranged. Now it’s in the calendar, you can kick back and count the days until you fly.

There are always of course the last-minute preparations: Passport, tickets, power socket converter, sun cream… and the rest.

So, what about your holiday money? Do you use your Debit card?

Do you know your banks exchange rate?

How many Euros, Dollars or Pesos you will get for your pound?

What will your Bank charge you for using a debit card abroad?

These are the things you need to know before you travel to avoid losing out. You’ve got your holiday money saved up. The last thing you need is for your hard-earned cash to be wasted on charges, and poor exchange rates.

Most banks will not only charge you for using your debit card on holiday, and using ATM machines, but they will also give you poor exchange rates at the same time. These can combine to reduce your spending power on holiday by up to 10%.

That’s where Easy FX comes in.

We offer some of the best exchange rates available, and using there are no transaction fees for using our currency card abroad. We also offer free ATM withdrawals.

Check the exchange rates Easy FX are offering today


Here’s how much you will save using the Easy FX card for your holiday money

ChargesPurchase FeeTransaction FeeATM Fee
Lloyds Bank£0.502.99%£1.50
Barclays BankNo Fee2.75%£1.50
NatWest Bank2.75%2.75%£2 - £5
HSBCNo Fee2.75%£1.75 - £5
Royal Bank of Scotland2.75%2.75%£2 - £5
Bank of Scotland£0.502.99%£1.75