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Its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of the Greek Economy!

An agreement has finally been reached on the Greek debt deal which has sent the single currency higher across the board.


How to Lock into a Future Exchange Rate

VFX offers the ability to forward buy on certain currency pairs which gives you peace of mind by locking into guaranteed exchange rates, helping you budget for the months ahead and concentrate on managing your business rather than worrying how … Continue reading

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‘Fenton Fenton’ We Reveal Chancellor Sensation!

Austerity chasing ‘Osborne’ was seen today herding as much savings and tightening of the money belt as possible in his Autumn Forecast Statement revealed today. Millions of people have watched net footage of the Tory ‘Top Dog’ trying to squeeze … Continue reading


Would you like to have access to live currency charts?

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Euro buyers jump in as single currency falls on risk aversion

The single curency has given up over a cent against both the dollar and pound this afternoon as risk aversion roars back into an extremely jumpy market. There was also also a report saying German leaders could postpone this weekends … Continue reading


Bernanke speech and rumours of SNB intervention sends euro bid

The single currency has posted a mild recovery this afternoon taking back a cent against both the dollar and euro in the wake of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech which is still ongoing. There were also rumours of more Swiss … Continue reading


Euro slides on Greece

The euro continued to decline Monday after Greece warned it will miss deficit targets set to avoid a default, triggering risk aversion. This led to the single currency falling through the $1.33 handle against the dollar and returning to the … Continue reading


German ‘Yes’ vote pushes euro higher

Germany voted for more powers and approved the expansion of the bailout fund (EFSF) for stricken euro nations. This gave the single currency a boost versus sterling as EUR/GBP gained 0.4% to hit 0.8717. The euro also posted gains versus … Continue reading


Swiss Whispers!

Up until about 45 mins ago it was groundhog day for the Swiss franc versus its peers but then it all changed. The Swiss currency plunged again today in the wake of rumours that the SNB will expand its EUR/CHF … Continue reading

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Coordinated bank intervention see’s dollar sold off across the board

The greenback has tumbled against the pound and euro after coordinated bank action to inject USD liquidity into global markets. Five central banks announced measures to provide liquidity in US dollars in operations with a maturity of 3 months until … Continue reading