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How to Lock into a Future Exchange Rate

VFX offers the ability to forward buy on certain currency pairs which gives you peace of mind by locking into guaranteed exchange rates, helping you budget for the months ahead and concentrate on managing your business rather than worrying how … Continue reading

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How Are You Managing Your Currency Exposure for 2012

Looking ahead to your currency exposure for 2012 may be prudent after witnessing such big swings in certain currency pairs last year. From sterling’s point of view we saw a gain of just under 9% in GBP/EUR where a low … Continue reading


Would you like to have access to live currency charts?

Apply for our free online demo which will give you access to live currency rates, streamed currency charts and the ability to receive texts, targeting desired currency levels via our ‘Alert Trigger’ text service.

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VFX Free Online Demo Account

If anyone had seen the huge Swiss franc move this morning and wanted to know how to keep up to date with currency graphs or to be texted when certain currency rates are triggered, you can have this facility free … Continue reading


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Italy Confident despite S + P downgrade to negative

Italy on Sunday sought to allay fears it could join its fellow southern Europeans Greece and Portugal in the financial mire, questioning Standard & Poor’s downgrade of its forecast to negative. S + P downgraded its rating outlook for Italy from “stable” … Continue reading


EasyFX Forex News: Sterling Continues to Fall Against the Majors in the UK Morning Session

Sterling continued to fall against the majors in the UK morning session as a combination of UK economic news and speculation that interest rates in the UK may stay on hold longer than previously expected hurt the pounds value. A report from Reed also highlighted that private jobs growth slowed in April. Continue reading

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EasyFX FOREX News: The Pound has Surged Against the Dollar

The pound has surged against the dollar this morning and built on gains made yesterday, after better than expected UK economic data was released. Sterling broke through the $1.65 handle as cable continued its march against an under pressure US currency. Continue reading

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