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Key Features

Powerful, robust & proven technology

We launched the first browser based platform with over 50 streaming tradable currency pairs in 2005. Streaming means real rates are displayed to be traded against, rather than rates displayed on request.

We were the first white label deliverable platform with streaming prices in the market.

We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week access to the platform and the ability to trade the major currency pairs at weekends. We will confirm the exchange rate at which you have traded your currency at the week end - now try getting that from your Bank or another Broker!

We provide the ability to work orders which include; limits, stops and 'up & down' alerts. Notifications are sent via pop ups on the platform or by SMS.

Our settlement functions allow you to store payee details and provide the facility to make overseas payments directly to your clients.

Free multi currency accounts are available on the "fly"; accounts are automatically created by the online system, as per the client's request.