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Online Banking

Manage all of your currency requirements online in one Easy place

We have developed our on line FX platform the way it should be - simple and Easy. Our online platform is fast, safe and available when ever you want to log on. If you want to manage just one or two currencies we can do that - if you want to manage fifty we can do that too.

It is up to you how you want to use our services - we will make sure that it is delivered. Need to buy currency on line at the week end - no problem - now try and do that with your Bank! Our real time payment and risk management processes are cutting edge, and will certainly help save you time and money. Try it and see - we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

  • Key Features
    First browser based platform with over 50 streaming tradable currency pairs in 2005.
  • Security
    We have developed a Java sandbox model for deliverable currency.
  • User Guide
    Built by ex traders we have made the process simple and easy to use.
  • White Labels
    EasyFX operate the service for you, we take all the risk and you earn defined profits.