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Paying Bills & Invoices

Paying made easy with EasyFX

Using your mobile you are able to buy a fixed amount of currency and send directly to one of your stored beneficiaries. Within your payee management on the EasyFX platform set up an "Alias" for an existing beneficiary (e.g. "FREL" for France Electric bill).

If you want to pay a bill text "EASY [space] PAY [space] ALIAS [space] AAA [space] CCC"

AAA is the amount of currency & CCC is the sending currency it is important to add CCC as this will fix the amount (AAA) in your selected currency.

So let's say you want to pay your French electricity bill of EUR170, then the text would be;

EASY [space] PAY [space] FREL [space] 170 [space] EUR

You will then receive the following reply:

"You have requested to PAY FREL 170 EUR. RATE RRR. Please confirm by replying with PIN PPPP"

Where RRR is the rate applicable at that time should you need to buy currency (e.g. you do not hold a balance in EUR, but do in GBP). To confirm the transaction, including any necessary currency conversion, you need to reply:

"PIN [space] PPPP"

Where "PPPP" is your PIN that you have set on your online account. This PIN is only known to you and should not be disclosed to anybody else.

If you do not have sufficient EUR on your account, the platform will automatically buy EUR at the RATE notified prior to your confirmation.