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Free Balance Check

You can access you balance whenever you want where ever you are

To request a balance simply text "EASY [space] BAL" to our number.

If you do not select a currency then you will receive your GBP balance on account.

If you want a currency balance text "EASY [space] BAL [space] CCC" where CCC is the ISO Currency code.

Here is a list of the ISO Currencies available to use.

You get free currency accounts with Easyfx. No need to apply for an account, just trade the currency and we will automatically open the account for you on the fly.

You can also check an exchange rate at any time.

To request a RATE text "EASY [space] RATE CCC" where CCC is the ISO currency code. All rates will be quoted against GBP.

To request a non GBP cross rate text: "EASY [space] RATE [space] CCCccc" so for example: "EASY RATE EURUSD". You will receive the current rate available to be traded in the market for EURUSD.