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Mobile Banking

We provide a number of free mobile banking services

EasyFX provide a number of free mobile banking services that can be accessed via a simple SMS service. We have teamed up with our Mobile specialist "MoBe" to bring you these services.

Our LONG Code is: 07624 802 887
Our SHORT code is: 61211

We recommend that you store this number in your phone. EasyFX like the name "A MoBe" as it will probably be the first or close to the top of your contacts & that way it is easy to find, or simlpy add to your favourites!

Just to be clear, we are not a bank, but we deliver banking services from our banking partners. We just like to think that we deliver them a way which is easier for you to use & saves you time and money.

We have designed our services to be accessible to anybody with any phone. If you have a smart phone you will be able to access our app very soon, so watch this space.

  • Free Balance Check
    You can access you balance whenever you want where ever you are.
  • Sending Money Home
    Using your mobile you are able send money home directly to an overseas Bank account.
  • Paying Bills & Invoices
    Buy a fixed amount currency and send directly to one of your stored beneficiaries.
  • Receiving Money
    If you receive money into your account we will let you know. Easy!