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Market Data

We provide all our data tools for free - now that makes things Easy

We collectively call these tools "Widgets". They have been designed to help keep you up to date with market prices and trends. We do build widgets for our customers specific needs as well - so get in touch if you need a specific widget. We also have our news channel that will provide you with a brief overview of daily market news and events.

Our widgets are Java based tools and you will need to have Java installed on your PC. You can download Java free from here:

  • Currency Converter
    Calculate amounts in different currencies.
  • FX Ticker
    Streaming live exchange rates in a banner.
  • Currency Table
    A matrix of live exchange rates.
  • Jargon Buster
    Helping you make sense of the market!
  • FAQ's
    Search our frequently asked questions.
  • Market Commentary
    Receive our free daily market report.
  • FX Charts
    Free historical charts of currency exchange rates.
  • Up/Down Alerts
    EasyFX will send you a message when your targeted currency levels are reached.