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Are you looking to make a move?

Whether you are leaving for a better quality of life, or simply fed up with UK taxes, give us a call.

Normally there is so much to organise when emigrating. Whether it is new schools, utilities, new bank accounts, all aspects require time and attention.

One of the most important aspects of emigration is the conversion of your hard earned money. Your Bank may see you as a previous or lost customer and may not give you the support and advice you need moving forward.

This is not the case with EasyFX; whilst we know we may have less contact with you if you emigrate, we still provide transactions for all of our customers who have emigrated. We also provide offshore facilities for non domiciled transactions.

We are always available to help you, just let us know what you need.

  • Key Features
  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • A secure service
  • 24/7 access to services
  • Free multi currency accounts
  • Store your beneficiaries
  • Free transfer over £3000.00