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Automated Orders

Reduce risk, get a better price, and save money!

Automated orders help you reduce risk, get a better price, and save you money! EasyFX can work different orders to suit your requirements and your time frame.

Call our dealers and they will be happy to help, or if you would prefer you can manage your own orders on our "Dealer +" platform.

The most commonly used, and effective, order is a "Limit". This allows you to set your targeted exchange rate. If this rate is reached, our system will automatically execute the trade for you at anytime of the day or night. Our system is ready to act 24/7 so you can rest easy.

"Stops" allow you to lock in a rate if the market begins to turn against you. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing what the worst rate would be, whilst allowing you to work a better rate in the market.

If you are working an order in the market you can check in your list of orders on the EasyFX platform at any point. It will also show you the current prevailing market rate. Have a look at our free charts to see where the market stands.

We have all the tools to help you manage risk and get the best rate. Best of all they are totally free!