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EasyFX Order Types

EasyFX has an order type for every eventuality

This is the most commonly used transaction in the Foreign Exchange market. It is an agreement to exchange currencies at a set rate, and typical settlement timeframe is approximately 2 days.

Same Day/Next Day
If your transaction is urgent we can set up a spot transaction to settle earlier.

Forward Contracts
Forward contracts allow you to fix an exchange rate for a future point in time. Forward contracts are great for eliminating uncertainty and potential risk. We do need to ask for a margin against these contracts, the equivalent of a deposit. However this margin will be included in the settlement of the contract. Our FX system lists all of your forwards and associated margins in real time, helping you continually manage your risk.

Limits and Stops
Our tech team have developed these contracts to allow you to choose a level at which to buy or sell currency, or reduce a position if you were trying to make a profit from a currency balance. Our dealers would be very happy to explain how this can help you. Our system processes these orders directly in the Inter Bank market; this is not a service that you would receive from your bank.

Our FX system will send you an SMS or an email when a specified currency rate is available to be traded. You set the level, and our system will monitor the market for you 24/7.

Time Options
Great for managing risk if you know you have to buy currency, but can’t determine exactly when. Just enter into a time option to secure your rate; when you require the funds you can draw down on the option.

Swaps allow you to change the value date of a contract to a different date. It could be a change of a few days or a few months, it’s not a problem. Swaps are only available on the "Dealer +" platform, or directly through our dealers.