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The Easy FX Corporate Account

Open your corporate EasyFX account today

We make all your Foreign Exchange requirements EASY. Open one account, and get access to over 50 currency accounts FREE! We provide you with an outsourced Treasury service for your Currency requirements. And what's more, you get FREE Currency Accounts! Our personal dealers will help you manage your foreign exchange requirements, saving you time and money.

We use the most advanced technology to bring you the best service and best exchange rates. You can connect with us in many ways - whether you want to log on through your lap top, or use our Mobile Apps - no problem, it's EASY! Our intelligent Payment Gateway will route your SWIFT International payment economically and efficiently.

To keep your money safe our secure segregated Client Accounts all managed under FSA Regulations. We access the Global Markets 24/7 - trade when it suits you!

  • Key Features
  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • Your own personal dealer
  • FSA Regulated
  • Free currency accounts
  • Free Internet account
  • Free transfer over £3000.00
  • Importing Goods
    Buying kitchens from Germany, or wine from New Zealand, we can help make it cheaper.
  • Risk Management
    Our dealers are very knowledgeable, whether you want to talk "Spot" or "Swap"!
  • Order Types
    EasyFX has an order type for every eventuality, follow the link to find out more.
  • Settlements & Charges
    Once you have set up your own EasyFX account you will be given a unique account number.
  • Automated Orders
    Automated orders help you reduce risk, get a better price, and save you money!
  • Case Studies
    Check out how EasyFX has been used by other corporate clients. Happy Customers!