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Corporate Case Studies

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Electronics importer from China

Mr James was introduced to EasyFX by an existing customer who had already seen the benefits available from our online Currency platform. We undertook a quick audit of the FX rates provided by Mr James' Bank and could see immediately that there would be some great savings to be achieved. On a turnover of close to £5mio the savings identified were close to £30,000.

We assessed Mr James' buying patterns and also considered his requirement for more certainty in his currency transactions. We developed a strategy of working limit orders to secure a better exchange rate, & then linked this into forward contracts that he could draw down when he required the currency at the locked in rate. All of the contracts are risk managed in real time and Mr James is able to log on anywhere in the World and see his currency exposures clearly.

Mr James used to have problems getting through to his Bank Manager on the phone - never mind buying his currency! Now Mr James can also manage his currency exposure from his hotel room when travelling through Asia, and the accounts department back in the UK can manage all of the settlements through their online administration service via the EasyFX platform. We promised to save Mr James money and make it Easy - we delivered!